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The Three Santas of Slovenia

In 2021 Will Aspinall pitched a radio idea to 99% Invisible, the leading podcast on design and architecture. 

Reporting in Slovenia throughout the year, Will found out how and why this beautiful country has not one but three Santas. 

Why is one Santa not enough for these people?

You can listen to it on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever you get your favourite podcasts. 

Click here to listen to it on the 99pi webpage. 

2021-04-28 11.52.00.jpg
gaspari dedek mraz.jpeg

Top right: The 1952 illustration of Dedek Mraz ('Grandpa Frost') by Slovenian artist Maksim Gaspari. Top & Bottom Left: Robert Waltl, actor and Dedek Mraz performer since 1987. 

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