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On March 1 1973 a long haired British four-piece released their 8th album. Having previously attracted a countercultural and largely male, drug infused following, Dark Side of the Moon would propel Pink Floyd into global stadiums and the bedrooms of teens and students from Middle America to Milton Keynes. 


While the band enjoyed extraordinary mainstream success for the next three decades, something bizarre and esoteric was happening to their breakthrough record. People were turning down the volume on the pre-war technicolor classic The Wizard of Oz and playing Dark Side of the Moon instead. Surreal coincidences were seen and heard: 

lyrics uncannily chimed with on screen appearances from the lead characters, improvised solos rose and fell with the action, and new tracks synchronised perfectly with changes in cinematic chapters. 


Ever since I witnessed the phenomenon as a student in the year 2000 I’ve wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery. While Pink Floyd have repeatedly denied any connection, the coincidences have always felt too perfect to be excused as celestial serendipity. 

It's the 50th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon in 2023, and The Moon Wizards is a clumsy attempt at both resolving my own personal discomfort and celebrating one of my top ten favourite albums of all time. 


Please listen to the pilot podcast and let me know if you’d like to help.  Because just like Dorothy I need friends to help me along my personal yellow brick road: 


Funding- I am looking for funding and editorial assistance from established radio and podcast production companies. Or perhaps a collection of individuals with deep pockets and no time. 


Information- Tell me about your own experiences pairing Dark Side with The Wizard of Oz. Did it stimulate you to make your own investigation? Would you like to make a contribution to the show? 

Technical help- Freelance sound engineer or podcast editor? I’d love to hear from you. 


Promotion and marketing- I’m useless at this. Can you get this podcast series noticed and onto the right platforms? 

If you'd like to know more, please contact me at

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